Styling Your Bump: With Belts

Dear Ladies,

I know it might sound strange to tell you to draw attention to the fastest growing part of your body during pregnancy…but trust me on this! When your stomach is no longer your own and you are still trying to feel good about yourself in the mirror, belts will quickly become your new best friend. Not only can they help support your back – underneath and on top of clothing – but they can also help create a waist when you no longer have one, and distract the eye away from other more rounded areas on your body!




So what belts should you aim for when you are pregnant?

  1. The Skinny Belt – wear it around your thinnest part, with loose or high-fitting clothing and usually in between your bust and your bump. Opt for a bold colour that draws even more attention to…

AYLA Maternity Summer 2015 Lookbook Bamboo Floral Top.Bamboo Check Kimono.Navy Fishtail Skirt.Caroline O'Neill

2. The Thick Obi Belt (which basically it just ties up at the back or can be pinned at the front with a cute brooch or clip) – again, wear this around your thinnest part and opt for a darker colour that draws your eyes in, and away from any lumps or bumps.

AYLA Maternity Summer 2015 Lookbook Floral Maxi Dress.jpg

3. The Double Belt – make it a real statement and double it up – preferably with two skinny belts. When you are pregnant, the old adage of ‘more is more’ definitely rings true…so own your new curves and make them your greatest accessory.

AYLA Maternity Summer 2015 Lookbook Floral Circle Skirt.Black Tencel Tshirt. Floral Camisole Singlet


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