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Gary, on the move to Melbourne

So we have been in the process of moving states, from our home in Bellerive (Eastern Shore of Hobart) to sunny Melbourne. Hobart lifestyle is pretty cruisy compared with Melbourne. I could drive from our home in Bellerive to Hobart CBD, a mere 7kms, in less than 10 minutes. Our place in Bellerive was a large two bedroom home with an additional granny flat and studio and workshop and sitting on about half an acre of beachfront land, garden moating the house providing ample track for a toddler with a constant supply of biscuits, and a pug with a constant supply of hunger. Two minutes’ walk to the beach. We could hear the Derwent heaving itself onto the foreshore as we went to sleep and woke. You’re a lot more connected to nature. Every morning I woke to the most amazing views of the Derwent with the sunrise tapping me on the shoulder.

Three weeks into returning to Melbourne (staying with my AMAZING sister), being hooked up to the main players in online rental searching, being rejected on multiple occasions for multiple properties, trying to engage with and stand out to property managers (along with everyone else), dragging The Small Dictator through the Melbourne traffic from one 15 minute Open For Inspection scheduled in Brunswick, to another running at the same time in Richmond, then back to Fitzroy… I managed to get an apartment. An apartment…a two bedroom apartment, no yard, at $200 a week extra in rent…and we have to fit all our life into it. Hobart, you have spoiled me. No more Tassie pinots for me, it’s back to clear-skins (maybe even goon bags).

AYLA Maternity Blog More with Less Bernice Thompson verge collection
Out with the old…

Anyway, this move requires a massive stripping of all of our stuff. Knowing that we would probably be in a small place I had already started the process of culling stuff from my wardrobe, and getting rid of baby stuff I would no longer require. But from pretty much a three bedroom house with crazy amounts of storage options, we will be basically wingless chooks after this clipping (I do not advocate clipping chicken’s wings, I’m struggling for a metaphor).

But here’s the thing… we really don’t need everything we have. We all know that. We buy/rent bigger houses and jam them full of stuff that is completely gratuitous. We are constantly consuming and consuming and bingeing and gathering and gathering, and consuming some more, to completely occupy the space that we live in and the bigger the space, the more we gather. And people realise this, illustrated perfectly with our consumption of ‘decluttering’ philosophies such as the KonMari method (so hot right now), moving from clutter and meaningless stuff to being more mindful and introspective with this weird criteria of determining whether possessions “spark joy”.

So, despite the fact that I will miss our Tassie home and having a garden, and the yellow lines of NO PARKING and our breathtaking views of the Derwent and the bloody plovers, and people that cannot merge, plus some pretty awesome people I’ve had the utmost pleasure of meeting, I am looking forward to living in our small apartment world of less things.

And one last shout out to Gumtree – without you, we’d all have a little too much stuff!

Peace out!

Berns xx

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